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Week 2, 11:00 class

Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies

Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies slow

The Blackthorn Stick

The Blackthorn Stick slow

Week 2, 10:00 class

O’Keefe’s Slide

O’Keefe’s Slide slow

O’Keefe’s Slide no. 2

O’Keefe’s Slide no. 2 slow

Tombigbee Waltz


Week 2, 9:00 class

Leg of the Duck

Leg of the Duck slow

Sliabh Russell

Sliabh Russell slow

Huntsman’s Chorus

Ithaca Fiddle Class, spring 2017

Hi folks!

Here’s a collection of common tunes for the spring session of the fiddle class – give as many as you can a listen/look and we’ll play them together and learn a new one or two.

Very first tunes
Mairis Wedding
Angeline the Baker
Beren Tanz

Irish polkas
Egan’s/Oh the Britches Full of Stitches
John Brosnan’s/Goblachan/Rattlin Bog

Breton tunes
An Dro in A minor/An Dro in B minor

Tombigbee Waltz

Leg of the Duck/Swallowtail Jig

Slip jigs
The Butterfly
Fig for a Kiss (sheet music)
The Snowy Path

Glise a Sherbrooke
Dancing Bear

On the harder side…
Tamlin (Celtic reel)
Ashokan Farewell (American waltz)

Week 2, 11:00 class

Tombigbee Waltz

The Lilting Fisherman

The Lilting Fisherman slow

Jerry’s Beaver Hat

Jerry’s Beaver Hat slow

Week 2, 10:00 class

Devil’s Dream

Devil’s Dream slow


Miroirs slow

Bouree d’Auvergne

Bouree d’Auvergne slow

Bouree d’Auvergne viola A part