Week 2, 9:00 class

Swallowtail Jig

Devil’s Dream

The Sligo Maid

The Sligo Maid slow

Maid Behind the Bar

Maid Behind the Bar slow

Week 1, 11:00 class

An Dro in A minor – harmony

An Dro in B minor – harmony

Tombigbee Waltz

An Dro in A minor

An Dro in B minor

Old Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark slow

Week 1, 10:00 class

Connachtman’s Rambles

Connachtman’s Rambles slow

Kesh Jig

Kesh Jig slow

John Brosnan’s

John Brosnan’s slow

Week 1, 9:00 class

Road to Errogie

Road to Errogie slow

Silver Spear

Silver Spear slow

Ship in Full Sail

Ship in Full Sail slow

Ithaca class 2/7

Links to some of the tunes from class today:

A new one – Tombigbee Waltz

and a few old ones –

An Dro in A minor
Beren Tanz
John Brosnan’s

We also talked about learning a tune called “Dancing Bear” (different from “Beren Tanz”!) to work on playing fast tunes with lots of notes, but didn’t learn much of it. I’ll try to get a recording up here soon.

Orzechowski and Ball CD release

Tim Ball and Sophie Orzechowski are excited to announce the release of their duo fiddle album, “Life of Their Own”. It’s currently available to download at http://timandsophie.bandcamp.com.

Tim and Sophie have years of experience as contra dance musicians, playing tunes that have been passed down through many generations of fiddlers. The arrangements on the CD focus on the musical conversation and connection that these tunes inspire.

The CD features fiddle tunes from New England and Ireland, as well as Scotland, Cape Breton, and Sweden. There’s a variety of instrumentation – duets of two fiddles, fiddle and guitar, and fiddle and piano, as well as several tracks with guest musician Nadine Dyskant-Miller on flute.

Sophie Orzechowski grew up in a musical family and has been playing and dancing since she was little. She learned from many of the stalwarts of the New Hampshire contra dance scene, including Bob McQuillen, Dudley Laufman, and her mother, Jane Orzechowski.

Tim Ball grew up contra dancing and dove headfirst into playing fiddle music when he went to college in Ithaca, New York to study violin. He’s toured throughout the northeast with contra dance bands Tempest and Tunescape, and performs widely around upstate New York.

Physical CDs will be available from Tim and Sophie in December 2015, and CD release concerts are planned for early 2016. Check Tim’s website http://timballviolin.com for details, or contact timothy.ball.violin@gmail.com for more information.

fiddler & guitarist