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Listening – The Alt & Liz Carroll

I have two directions to send you in listening –

The first: I stumbled across The Alt recently… a gorgeous CD (mostly of songs) from a new combination of well-traveled Irish musicians. http://www.thealtmusic.com/https://thealtmusic.bandcamp.com/

Beautiful music. But no fiddles on the entire CD! So…

The second: Liz Carroll http://www.lizcarroll.com/ – required listening for anyone who is remotely interested in Irish fiddle tunes. She’s one of the best fiddle players out there and one of the best tune-composers out there. She has a long, long list of CDs, all of which are great, and available just about anywhere (Amazon/iTunes/whatever). A good diving in point might be “In Play” with guitarist John Doyle (or at least, that was my first extended listen to her).