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Ithaca Fiddle Class, spring 2017

Hi folks!

Here’s a collection of common tunes for the spring session of the fiddle class – give as many as you can a listen/look and we’ll play them together and learn a new one or two.

Very first tunes
Mairis Wedding
Angeline the Baker
Beren Tanz

Irish polkas
Egan’s/Oh the Britches Full of Stitches
John Brosnan’s/Goblachan/Rattlin Bog

Breton tunes
An Dro in A minor/An Dro in B minor

Tombigbee Waltz

Leg of the Duck/Swallowtail Jig

Slip jigs
The Butterfly
Fig for a Kiss (sheet music)
The Snowy Path

Glise a Sherbrooke
Dancing Bear

On the harder side…
Tamlin (Celtic reel)
Ashokan Farewell (American waltz)

Ithaca class 2/7

Links to some of the tunes from class today:

A new one – Tombigbee Waltz

and a few old ones –

An Dro in A minor
Beren Tanz
John Brosnan’s

We also talked about learning a tune called “Dancing Bear” (different from “Beren Tanz”!) to work on playing fast tunes with lots of notes, but didn’t learn much of it. I’ll try to get a recording up here soon.

Ithaca Class tunes, Fall 2015

Here’s a tune list and some recordings of some tunes we’ll be doing in class this fall. My hope is that we’ll keep adding to this – as I teach you new tunes, and as you come up with others you want to share.

If you’re newer to the class, you can also look back through these tunes here, which we worked on in classes last year.

Angeline the Baker

The Butterfly

Rathlin Bog

Fig for a Kiss

Lisa Ornstein tune

April 12 – An Dro in Bm, Glise a Sherbrooke

Hello, Ithaca Fiddle Class!

Here’s a new tune from today, another An Dro to go with the one we already know.

An Dro in Bm

Also, we reviewed the tune that David Kaynor taught in his workshop back in March:

Glise a Sherbrooke

Glise a Sherbrooke slow


February 5 – Tunes for the next quarter

Hi Kanack Fiddle Club!

We decided (somewhat spur-of-the-moment, but I really like the idea) to pick a few tunes last Thursday, and work on them over the next few weeks. Here they are:

Bus Stop Reel by Anita Anderson

The Roaring Barmaid by Anthony “Sully” Sullivan

Crooked Stovepipe traditional

The Stool of Repentance traditional