Kanack School Fiddle Club

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February 5 – Tunes for the next quarter

January 15 – Hanter Dro

Hanter Dro is a Breton dance, and a close relative of the An Dro (“left-right-left, right” instead of “left-right-left, right-left-right”).

I learned this tune from Rachel Bell.

Hanter Dro


January 8 – The Humours of Tulla

November 6 – The Rolling Waves

October 23 – An Dro in Bm

October 9 – Laurie in F

Laurie in F

Written by Susan Conger, a fiddler from Montague Center, Massachusetts, and learned from David Kaynor.

October 2 – The Champaign Jig Goes to Columbia

September 25 – Lucy Farr’s

Lucy Farr’s

I first heard Lucy Farr’s on a CD by The Press Gang, an Irish band from Portland, Maine. It’s also been recorded by Martin Hayes and others.

September 18 – Going Down to Cairo

Going Down to Cairo

I learned this tune from David Kaynor, a great contra dance fiddler and caller from Montague Center, Massachusetts.

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