Ithaca Suzuki Institute 2018

Welcome Suzuki Institute fiddlers!

You can find recordings of the tunes we’re working on below. Right click on the tune names and select “Save Link As” to download these to your computer.

The fiddle classes will be performing for the end of the week dance party in the Campus Center on Friday at 7:30pm. Please attend if your travel plans allow it!

My Celtic band, Arise & Go is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund our debut album! Details are here:

Week 2, All Classes

**Please listen to the regular speed versions of these first, and get what you can. Then use the slow versions to fill in the gaps.**

Mairi’s Wedding

Week 2, 9:00 class

Leg of the Duck

Leg of the Duck slow

Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies

Irishman’s Heart to the Ladies slow

Tombigbee Waltz

Week 2, 10:00 class

Far From Home

Far From Home slow

Pete’s March

Pete’s March slow

Devil’s Dream

Week 2, 11:00 class

John Brosnan’s

Maguire’s Kick

Maguire’s Kick slow

Week 1, All Classes

Angeline the Baker (plain)

Angeline the Baker (dressed up)

Week 1, 9:00 class

Far From Home


Week 1, 10:00 class

Indian Springs A part

Indian Springs B part

Indian Springs

Tombigbee Waltz

Week 1, 11:00 class

Paddy’s Return

The Haunted House

Mairtin O’Connor’s

Tunes from previous years

Swallowtail Jig

Mairi’s Wedding