Dates for the fall

Happy September, everyone!

I’ve added a bunch of dance and concert dates for this fall. More may be coming soon, but the weekends are filling up quickly.

I’d like to draw your attention particularly to events coming up in the first weekend of October: Tunescape will be playing for the Buffalo Big Dance on Saturday, October 2nd, and then giving a house concert in Rochester at 2pm on Sunday, October 3rd.

We’re a bit late in spreading the word about the house concert, so tell your friends and come on out to hear us!

Also that weekend, the Tunescape Trio (Peter, Rachel, and Jodi) will be playing for the Fredonia Contra Dance on October 1st.

Summer update

There’s been a lot going on around here recently, and since I haven’t been updating all that often, here are the highlights:

Tunescape’s new CD has just arrived.  For now, it’s available at our gigs… we plan to add more ways to buy it soon!  We just finished up a weekend tour of New England, and are gearing up for a series of dances, concerts, and weekends to release the album in central New York this fall.  Stay tuned for more information!

I’ve been playing my usual complement of dances with other groups (Confluence made a short trip to Greenfield back in June).  My next upcoming dances are at the Rochester English Country Dance on July 18 with Jane Knoeck, and the Ithaca Contra Dance on July 23 with O’Shanigans, which is the Grassroots festival weekend.

Speaking of Grassroots, I’ll be joining Traonach (Ithaca’s Irish Session band) for their sets at the festival, Friday morning and Saturday evening.  Check us out if you’re at the festival.

I’m currently taking new violin and fiddle students to fill open spots in my studio.  Contact me if you’re interested!

In the next several weeks, I’m also moving and getting married.  It will be a whirlwind, for sure.


Now driven by WordPress

Once again, where does the time go?

This time, though, I have a good excuse for the delay since the last post and schedule update.  I’ve just finished integrating my site design with the WordPress content management system.  The idea is that I will now update more often, since it’s much easier.  We’ll see how well that works.

For now, I’m keeping the “bare-bones” look that my old website had.  I expect that I’ll implement more of the features of WordPress slowly, as I figure out how they will be most useful.

I “test-drove” a couple of great Open-Source content management platforms, and ultimately decided that WordPress, with GigPress as a schedule-manager, was most suited to the needs of my website.  As always, feedback is appreciated, so let me know if there’s something you’d like me to add!

April News

Where does the time go?

Since it looks like this front page is now mostly a monthly newsletter, here’s what’s going on in April, in a handy listed-by-weekend format!

  • Rochester English Country Dance on April 4, with Barb Seppeler and Silvia Sörensen. Pamela Goddard and Katy Heine calling.
  • Tunescape Concert in Youngstown, New York on April 10. Information here.
  • Rochester Contra Dance on April 15 (with Chuck Abell and Geoff Saunders), and Hamilton College Contra Dance on April 16 (with Confluence).
  • Syracuse Contra Dance on April 23, with Curt Osgood and John Wobus.
  • An operetta with Women’s Works at the Community School of Music and Art in Ithaca, with performances on April 30, May 1, and May 2. More information coming!

Looking ahead, if you are a contra dancer, you should register now for the Great Bear Groove Dance Weekend, June 4-5 in Oswego, NY. Tunescape is performing, as well as the Great Bear Trio, Mark Hellenberg, Nils Fredland, and Sarah VanNorstrand. Don’t miss it!

Contra dancing in… Shinglehouse?

The highlight of my month of March was definitely Tunescape’s “Shinglehouse/Pittsburgh/Olean tour.”

Pittsburgh has a great contra dance community, and it was wonderful to re-connect with our friend and caller Joyce Rossbach. But the most satisfying part of our weekend was not playing for people who already knew they loved contra dancing, but for people who had never heard of it at all.

Shinglehouse is a tiny town in northwestern Pennsylvania, where our accordion player Rachel Bell lives. During the day, we played three school assemblies where the high school, middle school, and elementary school students learned a few simple dances under the gentle guidance of the wonderful caller and teacher, Sarah VanNorstrand. In the evening, there was a community dance with students, their parents, and friends.

The most satisfying parts were watching the high school students’ attitudes change from indifference to curiosity to cautious enjoyment, and watching the elementary school students’ natural exuberance. It was gratifying to see our music help students connect with a very primative sense of enjoyment, even though most of them may never contra dance again.

Snow Snow Snow…

My appearance at the Rochester Contra Dance on the 25th was canceled, on account of the foot and a half of snow that the region received starting that afternoon. The dance went forward anyway, with musicians who didn’t have to drive so far to get there.

Hopefully the snow will not be so bad this upcoming Sunday (March 7), when I will be returning to Rochester to play with Jane Knoeck and Rachel Bell for the English Country dance again. Nadine Dyskant-Miller, the fabulous flautist in Tunescape and Confluence, will be playing a concerto with the Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra earlier in the afternoon at Eastman Theater, which is two blocks from the English Country Dance. Come hear her fabulous music as well!

Closer to home, the O’Shanigans are playing at the Friday contra dance in Ithaca on March 5th. The dance starts at 8pm, and there’s a waltz jam before the dance, starting at 7pm. The ever popular “To Be Announced” is calling; I guess we’ll find out who it is when we show up…

Thank-you Dance Flurry!

The Dance Flurry was amazing! I’m so glad I got to perform at it, since it would have been amazing just go to it to jam, dance, and hang out there. Thank-you Barb and Nadine for inviting me to join you! Also, thanks to all of the wonderful folks who I got to dance and play in sessions with.

This weekend the O’Shanigans bring their rollicking energy to Binghamton on Saturday for an early contra dance at 7pm. I’ll also be playing with Jane Knoeck and Rachel Bell for the Rochester English Country dance on Sunday, which starts even earlier at 6:30. Also on the horizon is another performance with Confluence, at the Rochester contra dance on the 25th.

Tunescape stops in central New York

Tunescape will be playing several places in central New York this weekend. After hitting the Ithaca Contra Dance on Friday night (Feb 5), we’re heading to a school gig up in the vicinity of Watertown on Saturday (I’m not sure if this is public—if it is, I’ll update this post with more information), before winding up with the Syracuse Contra Dance on Saturday evening (Feb 6). Be sure to catch one of these gigs; our next dance in northern/central New York isn’t until March!

Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new website! This has been in the works for a while, but it’s finally off the ground and onto the internet. I plan to make continuous improvements to it until it is fleshed out more, and update this page about once a week with reminders about upcoming events and music-related musings.

I’ve got lots of exciting musical stuff going on right now, including a Tunescape CD that will be mixed in the next couple of weeks, a performance at the Dance Flurry as a guest with Confluence, and a relatively full schedule of contra and English Country dances with a variety of groups in a variety of upstate New York locations.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look around, poke at things, let me know what you don’t like (or what you do like), and check back for more developments as they happen. Happy February!

fiddler & guitarist