New CD “Upstate Crossroads”

Available now | at Radio January 2023

“Upstate Crossroads is pure joy! Fresh, surprising arrangements and infectious rhythms deliver a diverse, playful musical celebration. Good luck sitting still while this record plays! An exceptional record by one of New York’s best fiddlers and musicians.” —Joe Crookston

Tim Ball is a fiddler, guitarist, producer, and teacher from upstate New York, with deep roots in traditional New York, New England, and Irish-American fiddle music.

After 20 years performing in Celtic and contra dance bands and a lifetime of playing traditional fiddle music, Tim Ball takes center stage with his upcoming solo release Upstate Crossroads. This album will shed new light on nearly-forgotten tunes and old favorites from all corners of New York State, drawing repertoire and inspiration from the surrounding Irish-American, New England, Canadian, and Bluegrass traditions. From these deep roots in dance tunes and folk songs, Tim’s music tells stories about hard work, immigration, community, and simple pleasures.

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Lessons & Camps

Drawing from 15 years of teaching experience, Tim offers one-on-one lessons in fiddle, violin, viola, and guitar, as well as group workshops in fiddle, guitar, and improvisation at music camps. With a private studio of in-person students in Ithaca, NY, Tim also teaches online.

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